All Done Club/Undone Club Part 1

All Done/Undone Club

Motivating students is always tough.  One way we manage to motivate our students is with our All Done Club.  This activity serves two purposes: it motivates students to complete their work by Friday morning, and it gives a little extra time to those students who did not complete their work.

Weekly Cut Off

Each week, we have a cutoff day/time of Friday morning at 8:00.  Any work turned in by this time helps students attend the All Done Club.  Anything not turned in, keeps them out.  We remind students on Friday mornings as they are coming in to class to check the charts and turn in their work.

During our planning time, we check in any last work that was turned in and compare our charts (see earlier posts for our chart methods).  If a student is missing work on either chart (even just one assignment), they are placed in the Undone Club.  Any students who have all work turned in have earned their spot in the All Done Club.  Our goal, each week is to have all students in the All Done Club.  We rarely meet that goal, but it exists, nonetheless!

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