All Done/Undone Club Part 3

The Undone Club

During the Undone Club, it is the teacher’s responsibility to keep the students working.  The charts are also used heavily at this time.  It is the students’ job to try to complete all work that is not checked off on the chart.  For some, this is a monumental task.  For others, it’s less overwhelming.  When they finish all of their work, they read a book.  While they would love to join the All Done Club, our policy has always been, once you’re in, you’re in.

An important piece of the Undone Club is to have extra copies of worksheets available.  This avoids students having “lost” their work and not able to complete it. Students tend to use any excuse to not complete their work.  By having extra copies, they are able to finish the assignment and turn it in.

A good way to help organize the work is to make a list of all possible assignments, then circle the missing ones for each student.  This way, they have a personalized list of what to work on.  We have also made lists on the board – each assignment has the students listed under it who need to complete it.  The goal is to help them turn in as much work as possible during this time.  Anything not turned in at the end of the Undone Club becomes a zero in the gradebook.

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