All Done/Undone Club Part 4

Rewards of the System

While we aren’t able to convince all of our students to turn in their work on time, avoiding the Undone Club, we consider the All Done/Undone Clubs a success.  It rewards those students who do the right thing and gives extra time to those students who haven’t turned in all of their work.  At times, students have worked to “make it into the All Done Club” for the first time all year.  These students see it as defined goal, so they try to reach it.  Since it’s a shorter term goal than making the Honor Roll, it seems attainable.

Parents like the system, as well.  By offering a reward for completing work on time, and giving the extra time to complete assignments, they feel good about the grades their child earns.  In fact, it’s an easy way for parents to check on their child – asking their child if he or she made the All Done Club is a simple question.  Asking if they completed all of their work gets more complicated.  A child might forget an assignment they didn’t complete, but they are very clear on whether they were in the All Done or Undone Club. 

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