Teaching Reading Street

In the fall, I will be teaching language arts using a new textbook: Reading Street.  I’ve heard a lot about it from elementary teachers, most of whom have used the word “overwhelming”.

Basically, it is an all-encompassing textbook.  It includes reading, writing, computer skills, grammar, spelling, etc.  Each week is a separate piece that goes into a 6 week unit.  Students complete a piece of writing each week, as well as read a story, part of a book or article.  In addition, they complete a research project and present their findings.

This summer, I have been going through the materials and creating powerpoints for each day.  I’m not sure how well they will work, but the process has given me a structure to look at it with.  In addition, I’m able to put everything together in an easy-to-use (I hope, anyway) format.  I also listed times for each activity, in order to help me stay on track as I work through class.

Unit 1 Week 1 Day 1

I have attached one of the powerpoints – let me know what you think.  I would love to hear from other teachers:

Will this make things easier for me?

Are the time frames reasonable?

Is this a huge waste of my time?

I’ll post some others, too.  Feel free to use them in your classroom – but be sure to let me know how it goes!

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