Youtube for the Classroom

I often use in my classroom.  Being able to use a short video clip to demonstrate a concept or idea helps students better understand what I’m teaching them.  I’ve found that by searching the site with a keyword, I can find lots of different videos to choose from.

The drawback to is that it can include inappropriate comments or ads.  In addition, the suggestions are occasionally not something you want your students looking at.  To the rescue is “A Cleaner Internet”.  This site takes all of that extra stuff off of the youtube  page and allows you to simply show the video you wanted.

Using this site, you can still search for the videos you’d like.  In fact, I generally insert the link into a powerpoint that I’m using, allowing me to simply click on the link during the lecture.  (More on powerpoints later).  By seamlessly integrating the youtube site into your powerpoint, you can save valuable time in class.  In addition, students who access your powerpoint from home can still look at the video, if they have internet access.

Simply go to for the extension.  It’s super simple to install and from that point on, you simply type into your browser and it takes you to the clean version.  This was one of the best tools I’ve found for the classroom presentation!

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