Reach for the Stars

Photo courtesy of NASA

Oh my goodness, I just watched the most awesome beginning of the year video! made a video about his song “Reach for the Stars”.  He worked with NASA to beam his song to Mars.  In working with them, he brought in an orchestra and children to record the song.  He also talks quite a bit about the need to work together, study science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and be creative.

Curiosity Rover ‏@MarsCuriosity  Humans sent me to Mars. Today I sent some of their creativity back to Earth.

I’m now planning to show this to my students on our first day of school.  Reach for the Stars lyrics


This is the perfect lead in for so many discussions:

Goal setting – the United States set a goal in the 1960’s to put a man on the moon and has continued setting and reaching those goals

Teamwork – rocket scientists have to work with others in order to get their rockets into space, had to work with NASA to get his song beamed up to Mars

The importance of education – imagine if these people hadn’t bothered to learn.  What would we be living without?  (computers, cell phones, gps devices, satellite TV…)

I can’t wait to show this to my class and use it to launch our learning for the year.  How are you starting your year?

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