Thankful for Blogs

During this time of giving thanks, it occurs to me that the internet, social media, and blogs have really improved my teaching.  We often joke at meetings “How did we teach before the internet came along?”  I have found many teaching blogs have given me good ideas, issues to ponder and reasons to feel good about my chosen profession.

One blog that I came across in my travels through the internet is www.  This teacher has such creative ideas!  I tried the Pickles and Ketchup idea she had on her site for my classes and it was a HUGE success.  The purpose is to get work turned in from the kids.  On Fridays, any of my students who have missing work are given the last 20 minutes to “catchup” on it, and the ones who have everything turned in are allowed to “pick” an activity.  The big difference between this and the All Done Club that I used to do is that when students have all of their work turned in, they can go ahead and be a “pickle”.


This works well for me this year, since I don’t have a team to work with.  In the past, my teammate and I took turns supervising the All Done or Undone Club.  This allowed us to separate the students into two rooms.  The Catchup and Pickle idea allows me to do this in one room.  I tried it last week and was thrilled with the results.

What blogs do you follow?  What ideas have you found that have helped in your classroom!


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