I like this – it’s good to revisit your teaching, planning, etc periodically.

Granted, and...

How teachers plan – This is one of the more interesting ‘black boxes’ in education. There are few studies of it, yet it is clearly one of the most vital elements of the enterprise.

Winging it is sometimes fun, but it’s a bad way to run a family, a business, or a classroom.

Marzano reports that a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” is the key factor in academic achievement in schools, regardless of how flexible plans have to be. As General Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

How do you plan? I invite readers to respond to this question with as much detail as they can provide. i also encourage school leaders to ask staff to participate in a survey of the question since it would make for helpful information and a lively staff meeting discussion. Here are some…

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  1. I always plan with a team teacher; I find that working with someone else who knows the kids helps me to look at the problem from every angle. I also always start with my objective–what do I want kids to be able to do at the end of class that they couldn’t do at the beginning?–and work backwards from there.

    • mrsfenger says:

      I agree completely! I love it when I can plan with another teacher who is teaching the same subjects. It’s helpful to get ideas from each other.
      Teaming is such a helpful strategy in teaching.

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