Do You Love Where You Work?

I came across this blog post on Twitter the other day: Making Your School a Place Where People Want To Work.

As I read through the suggestions, I realized just how wonderful the school I teach in is.  One idea was to play together.  Our staff definitely does that!  Lunch time in the teacher’s lounge is frequently filled with laughter.  I teach across the hall, so during other lunches, I can hear the laughter ringing out.  For me, lunch is a time I look forward to, because we get silly, spunky and generally have a good time.  It’s an energizing time for all of us.

We also take part in a healthy competition each winter.  Called Dump Your Rump, we all throw in $10, are randomly assigned to teams and start trying to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies.  While we are all understanding about the increased need for bathroom breaks (stopping by other teacher’s rooms to see if a quick bathroom run is needed), we also have a tendency to bring in sweet treats in an effort to cause other teams to lose points.  During this competition, you might see our Facebook posts showing how much exercise we’re getting, but you also might see one directed at the competition suggesting that he or she skip the workout tonight.  It’s all in fun and everyone is incredibly supportive of everyone else’s efforts.

Learning together is another ideas in the article.  Our principal has started book clubs for the staff.  We were given a choice of books, which she purchased for us, and assigned to groups to discuss what we are reading.  It’s been exciting learning new ideas and ways of doing things with my colleagues.

Our staff is truly a family.  Sadly, we’ve had teachers pass away during the school year, requiring us to grieve for our friend, while comforting our students.  We’ve also celebrated with teachers who met, got engaged, got married and started a family.  Bridal showers and baby showers are a regular occurrence in our library.  We also celebrate or mourn staff who are retiring or leaving for other parts.  Our staff can be counted on to come together to grieve or celebrate, support or admire anyone else.

You might have noticed I say “staff” instead of “teachers”.  That’s because we truly include every adult in the building in our activities.  From interns to support staff to teachers to administrators, we are all in this together.

Take a look at that post – do you work with a phenomenal staff?  If not, can you change it into one?  If so, have you let them know?

2 thoughts on “Do You Love Where You Work?

  1. dpropp says:

    I have posted only a few blogs that have garnered a notable response. None as much as the one you refer to in your post.
    I think we are at a time where the pressures put on school teams is greater than ever. As leaders (in whatever capacity) we would be remiss in not doing everything we could to build up the morale of the amazing people we work with.
    I love hearing about the team building./morale increasing things that other schools are doing. We can ALL learn from each other and the positive things that are going on.

    Darryl Propp

    • mrsfenger says:

      I couldn’t agree more! As the pressure mounts, it’s good to take a step back and realize the good things that are going on in your school. I’m so lucky to have my coworkers!

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