Genius Day Part 1

geniusEverywhere I look, I see references to Genius Hour.  Our teachers have been reading Drive by Daniel Pink.  These two factors came together and caused our sixth grade team to decide to try it ourselves.

Our plan is to hold our first Genius Day the Friday after Spring Break.  We explained the plan to our students last Friday afternoon.  Our hope is that this gives our students a chance to think about and plan their ideas.  They were very excited by the prospect.  We couldn’t possibly answer all of their questions.

As we explained the premise, we also explained the expectations.  We have several papers for the kids to fill out, which we found online, and tweaked to fit our needs.  We’ll be asking the students to evaluate their abilities beforehand, then they’ll fill out a table with their ideas and plans.  Finally, after we’re finished, we’ll ask them to evaluate their day.

Our presentation plan is to have them set up their final products, invite the 5th graders, community members, administrators and school board to see what they accomplished.  As students left Friday afternoon, they were already starting to think ahead to their final product.

We’re pretty excited about this.  If it goes well, we’ll plan to do it again, this year or next.  If not, we’ll tweak things and hopefully try it again.


4 thoughts on “Genius Day Part 1

  1. Joy Kirr says:

    Congrats! I’m excited for you and your students! Please let us know how it goes!

  2. Greg Miller says:

    We’re looking at Genius Day here at our MS for our 8th grade in Nebraska! Would you mind sharing the proposals, forms, etc.? Or any other thoughts on it?

    • mrsfenger says:

      Absolutely! I’m working on the next part of the blog post. I’ll also include the paperwork we’ve been using so far and a couple of links I found to share with the kids. A lot of them are pretty excited about it.

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