Reader’s Notebook

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to structure my reading class this year.  Any of you spend lots of time planning your ideas over the summer, only to discover, in practice, they don’t work out the way you expect?  ‘Cause that happens to me all the time!


Reader's NotebookAnyway, my plan this year is to use notebooks for our vocabulary, skills ideas, etc.  I purchased the composition notebooks for my students.  They’re sturdier than the spiral notebooks I usually use, so hopefully they will last better.  Plus, it’s harder for them to pull out a piece of paper to use for their homework.

The organization of the notebook will include:

Students can draw pictures showing what they like, hobbies, etc.

Students can draw pictures showing what they like, hobbies, etc.

cover page with illustrations of student interests

two pages for each skill we will cover (20 total skills throughout the year)

a page for each week’s vocabulary words (30 weeks)

Roots, Suffixes and Prefixes8 pages for word roots, suffixes, and prefixes

That will leave some extra pages so that when other uses crop up, we will have some room

Do you use reader’s notebooks?  How do you organize them?  What do you use for the notebook?

One thought on “Reader’s Notebook

  1. kaylashook says:

    I’ve always used Reader’s Notebooks when I teach reading. We set ours up a little differently. We have tabs for Shared Reading, Read Aloud, Strategies/Rules, and Independent reading. Some teachers even include a small section for logging in the students’ reading during class time. We have separate Writer’s Notebooks where we put roots/affixes, but I could see putting it into reading, too. 🙂

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