Reading Street Powerpoints

6th Grade

Power Points for Reading Street 6th Grade

In the interest of sharing what I’ve done (and hoping that readers out there will tell me what they’ve done!) I’ve uploaded my powerpoints to Google Drive.  I use the powerpoints each day.  They’ve been really handy when someone needs to take over for me for a few minutes, or if I have a substitute.  They also work well when a student is absent – the student can read over the powerpoint and get an idea of what we covered that day.  My plan for the fall is to try recording the presentations as I teach them and post them on the class website.  That will give students a better picture of what they missed (or allow them to watch a class again).

Here are the powerpoints for Unit 1.

Unit 1 Week 1

Unit 1 Week 2

Unit 1 Week 3

Unit 1 Week 4

Unit 1 Week 5

Unit 1 Week 6

Let me know what you do with Reading Street.  I’m still learning how to go about teaching it, so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!  (My dad, a teacher for 30 years, always said it takes three years to get good at a new curriculum, so I’ve got two more years of this!)

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