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100 Word Challenge Test 100words

One thing I struggle with is keeping my advanced students challenged and busy.  They pre-test on Mondays and then (depending on their score) either learn the week’s content and re-test, or work on an independent project.  I generally find a book for them to read that follows the theme of the week.  While this keeps them fairly busy, they are very fast workers and periodically finish with time to spare.

To the rescue: the 100 word challenge.  I found a list of words that you should know when you graduate from high school.  I shared it with my advanced students and challenged them to learn as many as possible by the end of the year.  I then wrote a multiple choice test for them to take using a portion of the 100 words (they knew the test would not include all 100 words).

It is amazing to me to see my students willingly looking up definitions in the dictionary. They go back to this throughout the year whenever they have a few minutes.

This works really well because I don’t have to keep finding more things to give them to work on.

At the end of the year, I give the multiple choice test.  I don’t grade it, just mark wrong answers.  They were really excited to be learning something this difficult and many of them showed the list to their parents, then proudly reported that the parents didn’t know many of the words!

What do you do to challenge your students?

One thought on “100 Word Challenge

  1. I have that book. I may have to “borrow” your idea.

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