Engaging Readers with a Picture Book Study & Tournament

What a great idea! Since we’re so close to Michigan State University, I’m thinking this will work well – we can do this as the Spartans head into March Madness.

Literacy Love


Want to engage readers? 

Host a Picture Book Study & Tournament! 

Confession Time: During first semester I had a lot of 8th grade students who abandoned books on a regular basis regardless of how many book talks and read alouds I planned. As we got closer to Thanksgiving, I  knew I needed a plan to really create an environment of positive reading experiences immediately or I might lose them for good.  I thought that if I could supply them with great books that they could finish quickly, it might boost their reading confidence levels, and thus, our first picture book tournament was born. We held our picture book tournament between Thanksgiving and Winter Break and it was a multi step event where students continually hit all of our daily reading goals in room 213: 1. read texts, 2. talk about texts, 3. write about texts and 4. listen to a…

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