Bus Drivers Are Awesome!

So, all this terrible weather has made me realize, once again, how much our bus drivers have to handle.
Years ago, I had to drive my girl scout troop home from a ski trip in a terrible snowstorm. It was harrowing. We’re talking white-knuckle, heart-pounding, high blood pressure driving. And that was before we pulled out of the parking lot! All I could think of, the whole trip south down 131 was how “if something happened and we were in an accident, it would be my fault”.
I’ve always remembered that when I ride the bus with my students. The bus drivers always seem so calm and collected, as they roll along. Maybe they are nervous, but they never show it. I don’t know how they do it.
On a good day, it would be a tough job. Add in the bad weather and other drivers to look out for, and, to me, it’s a nightmare!
I don’t think we give bus drivers near enough credit! They are amazing! The way they are able to handle that giant vehicle (knowing that driving my minivan at times was tricky!) is awesome. They are able to get their buses down dirt roads pockmarked with deep holes, around tight corners that look like they couldn’t possibly make it, and more. And all of this, while having 50 or so students behind them!
So, for all those bus drivers out there, I offer this idea: let’s outfit our buses so they don’t have to worry about the bad weather (and can look tough at the same time!)

I don't know where this picture came from - it was emailed to me from my mom, but it's so perfect!

I don’t know where this picture came from – it was emailed to me from my mom, but it’s so perfect!

My hat’s off to you, Bus Drivers! You are AWESOME!

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