Kids Need Love

Kids Who Need the Most Love


This has been traveling around the internet quite a bit, lately.  Probably because it’s so true!

Everyone has reasons for their actions.  These reasons can be anything from anger to fear to a need for attention, to name a few.  Often, we see children act out more as they get closer to the end of the school year, or an extended school break.  We sometimes assume they are acting this way because they are excited for vacation, but some of them are actually feeling the opposite.  They are losing the teacher they have bonded with, the situation that has clear rules and boundaries, the place where they feel safe, even the daily meal they are given at lunch.

While it’s easy, as teachers, to assume the students are causing disruptions to be annoying, it’s often the opposite.

This is why it’s so important to connect with our students.  When we form bonds and connections with them, we learn more about them.  Once we truly know our students, we can better meet their needs.

How do we connect?

Chat with them between classes

Get to know their family – call home to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year

Find ways to praise them for effort

Incorporate their interests (even in a small way)



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