Fun Run/Walk

Every year, our middle school participates in ACES – All Children Exercising Simultaneously.  We take the kids up to the high school track, walk a few laps, then go back to class.

Fuel Up to Play 60This year, thanks to Fuel Up to Play 60, we stepped it up a bit (get it? “Stepped it up?”)  Anyway, we changed it to a 1 mile run/walk through town, finishing with chocolate milk.

The city agreed to close off the streets for us, the police chief agreed to be our starter, and the United Dairy Farmers of Michigan supplied the chocolate milk.  We also had parents stationed at corners to make sure students didn’t head off into the wild.running

Daily announcements about the event got students excited.  A group of students took charge of the event, writing and giving announcements, making posters and setting up the day of the event.

It was so gratifying to see the students independently doing their jobs.  They brought out the chocolate milk, set it up on a table and even brought walkie talkies in case they needed to communicate with each other!

The morning of our event was rainy, prompting several students to ask, worriedly, if we would still hold it.  I was happy to see their relief when I told them the rain would stop in time.  They were really excited to do it!run

Staff members walked and ran along with the students, which also gave the needed support and encouragement for some of them to keep going.

There’s just something about seeing a river of students, headed down the street together that gets the positive feelings going! Teachers also noticed that students were quieter and more focused the rest of the day.  Interesting, huh?

It’s now going to be an annual event for us – fingers crossed for a sunny day next year!

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