Inspiring Creativity

creativityI ran across a video recently that is amazing.  Check it out here: High Diving Giraffesgiraffes

Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back.  🙂

I’m planning to use this video to spark some creativity with our final Genius Day.  This will be the third Genius Day we will hold this year.  We’ve kind of settled into a once per trimester schedule for our Genius Days.  We invited 5th graders to our first one, 7th graders to our second, and 4th graders will be viewing the results of this one.

For our second trimester Genius Day, we added some parameters: the students had to invent something to solve a problem.  This led to some interesting presentations!

This time around, we’ll be encouraging the students to demonstrate their creativity.  That’s where the video will come in.  My hope is this will inspire students to think outside their normal boundaries.  The idea of having giraffes in a swimming pool at all is pretty outside the box, then having them do tricks off a diving board, well, there’s just nothing more that needs to be said!

Do you do Genius Day with your students?  How do you inspire them to create something new?

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