What Do Teachers Really Do?

Two things got me thinking lately:

1) Our middle school held our third trimester Reward Day Friday afternoon.  A number of teachers worked very hard organizing and planning this event.  We held a carnival for the students which included a free throw contest, carnival games, prizes, pie in the face, a cakewalk, karaoke, a dance and much more.  Free popcorn was also handed out to students.  The amount of effort and time that went into the hour and a half event was pretty hefty.  Teachers put in quite a bit of time outside of school hours to make this happen.

2) Our middle school after school program did a campout Friday night from 3-11.  This meant teachers involved taught their classes al day, then headed out to a nature preserve with middle school students and did hikes, nature crafts, campfire songs and more until their parents picked them up at the end of the evening.  Again, this took planning and effort to pull it off.

What is nice, is that the students truly enjoyed both events.  They were thrilled to find out everything at the carnival was free.  The smiles on the students’ faces made all the work worth it.  The students at the campout also had a great time.

A facebook post about the campout was mentioned as something that should go viral.  Someone commented that this is the kind of thing we need to make sure people know about.

I found that to be an interesting comment, because, typically, teachers don’t blow their own horns.  We tend to just do the best job we can and continue on with our days.  We don’t do all these extras for applause.

However, I’m beginning to think we’re doing this all wrong.  Perhaps, if we spent more time letting people know what we do, we would spend less time defending ourselves from critics.

2 thoughts on “What Do Teachers Really Do?

  1. amforte66 says:

    I think people are often unaware of all that teachers do and the money they spend on their classrooms. This sounds like a wonderful event at your school. 🙂

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