Branding My Classroom

Once again, my travels around the internet have given me inspiration:internet

This time, I’ve been checking out BrandEd podcasts (if you haven’t listened, yet, you should!  They are filled with great ideas and inspiration) and I ran across a tweet about a slideshare presentation here: Branding Your Classroom.branding your classroom

These various educators got me thinking: the more we remind our students what we want them to achieve, the more likely they are to achieve it.  I look at it as if I’m marketing a product for a large corporation (or a political campaign).  The more recognizable the name is, the more people are to buy what you’re selling.  So, if I can sell my kids on my “product” which is the content I need to embed in their brains, I can improve their test scores, their confidence and their IQ.  At least, that’s my hope.

I’m thinking about creating some vines for back to school time.  Get the kids and families excited about their child being in my classroom.  Then, sticking with the branding idea, we could embed the slogan, logo and other things in our newsletters, our remind101 notes, and on the walls of our classroom.  My teammate and I could simply bombard them with the brand.


Now, for the brand.  I’m thinking it needs to be something that will continue to raise their achievement, so my slogan could be “Today, be awesome”.  That’s something that would cover many things.  It allows me to use it referring to behavior, studying, test taking, homework, writing assignments and more.

I don’t know that we can get the money to have t-shirts printed up, although that would be “awesome!”  I’m also planning to focus on attendance and getting students to be in school whenever possible.  We have a number of students who have very poor attendance and research shows that this can impact their graduation capability.  Perhaps “being awesome” can also fit with good attendance.student led conference

Do you have a brand for your classroom?  Do you use a slogan?  If so, how does it work?  What do you do with it?  I’d love to steal (I mean borrow!) any ideas you have out there!

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