Awesome Podcast to Listen to

I recently discovered a podcast called BrandEd.  It is wonderful!  The episodes are engaging and filled with great ideas.  I often find myself listening to an episode more than once; each one has so many good ideas, it’s hard to remember everything the first time through.


If you haven’t listened yet, you should.  These podcasts basically are a how-to manual on getting your school noticed.  They give all sorts of easy ways to use social media and electronic communication to get the word out about what you are doing.

Having held student led conferences lately where my students create a powerpoint about their work and progress, using the smartboard, I’m here to tell you: parents have NO idea what is happening in the classroom.  They are astounded when their child gets up to use the smartboard to take them through a powerpoint.  The more we can open up the classroom walls and show them what’s going on, the better.

In addition, I think it’s important for the community to see and hear what’s happening in the schools their tax dollars are supporting.  This podcast can help us do exactly that!


Branding Your Classroom


You can also check out the website:


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