Increasing Your School’s Likeability

Using Facebook to increase your school's likeability

Using Facebook to increase your school’s likeability

Here are some thoughts I’ve had about using the school’s facebook page to increase community support:

First, try spotlighting a different teacher each week. Maybe start with an elementary, then a middle school, then a high school teacher.  Put a short post about them with a picture.  Towards the start of school, focus on the teachers who will be transition people: kindergarten, 5th or 6th grade, 9th grade.  That way, parents and students who are nervous about starting a new school see a face and information about their teacher(s).
Second, how about doing what some places do: ask people to like the facebook page.  A lot of times, I’ll see someone post when they’re getting close to a milestone number (like 500) and ask for more likes.  We could also ask people to pass the facebook page along to alum who have not liked the page.  The more alumnae we can get watching what we’re doing, the easier it will be to ask for money later on.
Third, maybe a contest here and there?  Ask people to post a picture showing their school pride.  Pictures of people on vacation wearing a shirt showing the school mascot or school colors could get people talking.  The more pictures you post on the page, the more people will want to come back to the page to look at it.  That makes it easier to broadcast other things about your school and get noticed.
What do you do to publicize what your school is up to?

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