Building Your School’s Likeability

www.mrsfenger.wordpress.comSo, this summer, my goal has been to increase the school district’s likeability on  I have used several strategies which seem to be somewhat successful:

First, I specifically posted a request for people to like the page.  I also invited friends from my contacts to like the page.  My hope is that alumni will like the page and be able to keep up with happenings in the district.   I also hope that people in the community will be more aware of positives that are happening.

Second, I started a series of features about teachers in the district.  I sent a list of questions to various teachers with a request to send me the answers, along with a picture.  The list of questions is here:

Facebook Bio Questions for teachers

This feature has been very popular.  It’s gotten the most likes and comments of any of our posts.  Parents have commented how much they appreciate the chance to get to know their child’s teacher before school starts (and their child also likes it!)  It’s been fun to see what teachers’ answers are, too!

The third thing I started this summer was a Throwback Thursday post.  I’ve posted pictures from old yearbooks and asking people to post their own oldies.  People seem to really enjoy these posts, too.

Fourth, I asked people to finish the sentence: the best thing about our school is: _______

www.mrsfenger.wordpress.comFinally, I added a chance for people to take a trip down Memory Lane:  I asked people to comment with their favorite memories of elementary school, then middle school, then high school.  This has brought up some fun memories and it’s also been wonderful to see what people remember about their school days years later.  Something to keep in mind when planning that oh, so wonderful grammar lesson (which could be forgotten oh, so quickly!)


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