We are Team Awesome

My team has been working hard this year to brand ourselves as Team Awesome.  Each homeroom that makes up our team is named: Incredibles, Fantastics and Terrifics.   We have posters all over the classrooms and hallways.

Today, we took a giant step forward in our quest for Awesomeness.  We got a donation of t-shirts from the MSU credit union that say “awesome” on the front.  The kids were THRILLED.  We used the opportunity to point out how much support and caring there is for them, since the credit union was willing to donate and we were willing to go through the process of getting them donated.


Team Awesome shirts

We also talked to them about how jealous everyone is now, since they got shirts.  We also told them they need to remember they are representing Team Awesome wherever they go and so they should make sure they are being good role models.  As we headed outside for a team picture, we said “Stand a little taller, hold your head a little higher, you’re Team Awesome”.  They took that to heart.

At the after school program, other kids and teachers saw them in their shirts and asked about them.  The students proudly informed everyone they are Team Awesome.

During our end of the day team meeting, we issued a challenge to make up a cheer that we can use as a team.  They were feverishly thinking of cheers to submit.  We also challenged them to win the food drive our school is holding.  If Team Awesome brings in 300 items, each member of the team will receive a free A pass.  They left for the day chattering about what they would do to meet the challenges.


As we go forward, I plan to remind them “Represent” to keep the Team Awesome spirit alive all year.


How do you brand your classroom?


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